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Affordable SPC Flooring Choices for Your Home Remodel

Home is where we relax. Because of that, we adorn every room in our house. We want to embellish the world at home, yet our pockets are sometimes overflowing. It is better to plan ahead of time and stick to a budget. Here, SPC flooring in Dubai is being discussed. When remodeling a home, flooring costs must be considered. New floors are fantastic because they allow you to build a room around them, so choose wisely. A budget-conscious homeowner upgrading requires a more affordable flooring option.

Fortunately, Dubai Furniture Company, SPC Flooring Supplier Dubai, provides a wide variety of flooring options at a variety of costs. Struggling homeowners, on the other hand, must be more frugal. However, if you prefer a less expensive choice that improves the exterior of your home, SPC flooring is a good suggestion. This post examines the most Affordable SPC flooring options for your home.

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What is SPC flooring?

SPC flooring, today’s trend, features a stone-polymer composite core that significantly improves the floor’s longevity over standard luxury vinyl flooring. It is less comfortable than other types of flooring; however, this can be mitigated by using a cushioned underlayment.

SPC flooring is layered in the same manner as other forms of luxury vinyl flooring.

The previously mentioned SPC core layer provides increased durability and acts as the foundation for the rest of the floor.

The design layer can imitate almost any color or pattern of stone or wood flooring.

The wear layer serves as a protective coating for the floor, shielding it from small harm.

Key Features and Benefits

SPC floors are the strongest available.

SPC is readily one of the most durable flooring solutions available, which is why many of the top vinyl plank flooring brands carry it. 

The top laminate flooring products and wood-look concrete flooring are the only flooring options that function comparable to other forms of imitation wood flooring. Furthermore, SPC, which still provides some of the comforts that regular LVP does, is more comfortable than either of them.

The greatest SPC flooring also features premium wear layers that provide excellent resistance to dents and scratches. Therefore, SPC flooring is a good option if you’re seeking the best flooring for dogs, cats, or dirty children.

Moreover, It’s Very Stable

Reputable SPC flooring manufacturers produce goods that don’t alter in response to variations in humidity and temperature like other floor varieties do. 

SPC flooring is waterproof.

Luxury vinyl looks so much like wood that you may wonder if vinyl plank flooring can go in a bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or other wet area. However, Vinyl flooring dubai may be the best bathroom flooring. It’s one of the best waterproof flooring options, so it can go in any of those rooms.

Water does not affect vinyl. It could be wet for days without a blemish (seams are the concern). As a luxury vinyl flooring, SPC is waterproof even though its core is made of different materials. 

SPC flooring can give your bathroom the look of a wood-floor bathroom without the hassle of drying the floors immediately.

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It Is Available in a Wide Variety of Styles and Looks

SPC flooring can mimic all types of wood flooring, including different species like pine flooring or teak flooring, as well as most wood floor designs (if your contractor is savvy enough).

If you’re not looking for a wood look, you’ll be happy to know that Dubai Furniture Company is a top SPC flooring Supplier in Dubai

that sells SPC flooring that mimics various types of tile and stone floors, too.

It’s less expensive than wooden floors

To begin, let me clarify that the cost of high-quality wood flooring for even a small room can easily approach tens of thousands of dollars. Then there are installation fees to consider (the typical cost to install engineered hardwood floors ranges between $3 and $8 per square foot).

High-end SPC flooring can be found for as little as $4 per square foot, while the cost to install vinyl plank flooring (the core does not affect the cost) is a little more manageable at $1.50-$6 per square foot.

SPC Flooring Is Generally DIY-Friendly

Many SPC floors are DIY. There are few floors easier to install than floating or click-together flooring. You attach one plank or tile to an adjacent one and allow gravity and friction to do the rest.

However, installing glue-down vinyl plank flooring (SPC or otherwise) is tough, so hire a pro.

If you want to save money, choose floating vinyl plank flooring, which most SPC flooring brands make click-together. We advise following your vinyl flooring manufacturer’s installation instructions exactly to avoid voiding the warranty.

Compared to 100% PVC Flooring, somewhat greener

SPC flooring is more eco-friendly than luxury vinyl because it’s not entirely made of PVC. The difference may not be significant, but it is.

Many WPC products include formaldehyde, whereas SPC flooring does not. Even better, many top vinyl plank manufacturers make low-VOC SPC-cored flooring.

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are toxic substances found in flooring, especially oil-based (like PVC) or wood-based. Thank goodness the industry has realized VOCs’ dangers and low-VOC flooring is becoming the norm. 

Most luxury SPC flooring brands are FloorScore or GreenGuard-certified zero- or low-VOC.

Things to consider while selecting cheap SPC flooring for house renovation

In this section, we will offer you some general advice on how to identify options for SPC flooring that are friendly to your wallet in Dubai or any other location:

Research Local Suppliers:

Find “SPC flooring Supplier Dubai” or home improvement stores in Dubai by conducting research. Verify whether they provide SPC flooring and evaluate costs. You may learn about the options and costs that are available by going to their websites or getting in touch with them directly.

Online Retailers: Look for merchants on the Internet that ship to Dubai. A large selection of flooring solutions is available on several internet platforms, and you may find reasonable pricing. When comparing pricing, don’t forget to account for shipping expenses.

Discounts and Promotions: Be alert for any upcoming sales events, discounts, or promotions. Seasonal sales and discounts are frequently offered by retailers, making it a great chance to save money on flooring purchases.

Customer Reviews: Examine consumer comments and reviews regarding various SPC flooring options and vendors. This can reveal information on the robustness and caliber of the goods that various businesses sell.

Local Recommendations: Consult with friends, relatives, or coworkers who have recently undergone house renovations for recommendations. They could be able to provide helpful information about where to get reasonably priced, high-quality SPC flooring in Dubai.

Visit Showrooms: Visit flooring-specific showrooms or retailers if at all possible. This gives you the chance to examine the goods in person, judge their quality, and talk to the personnel about costs and installation choices.

Compare Quotes: After gathering data from multiple sources, evaluate quotes from different vendors. Remember that the highest quality isn’t always guaranteed by the lowest price, therefore take the whole value of your money into account.

Installation Costs: Find out how much installation will cost and if the seller offers installation services. Bundled solutions that include installation and materials might occasionally save money.

Dubai Furniture Company Offers Affordable SPC Flooring 

Undoubtedly! Dubai Furniture Company offers affordable SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) flooring in Dubai. Their affordable SPC flooring options mix durability and elegance. Water resistance, easy maintenance, and lifespan make SPC flooring a good choice for household and commercial environments.

Dubai Furniture Company offers many SPC flooring types and colors to suit diverse tastes and interiors. Their selection includes wood-like and modern/sleek finishes.

SPC flooring from Dubai Furniture Company offers durability and affordability. Explore their showroom or online to locate the right SPC flooring for your needs. Make your area attractive and functional with inexpensive SPC flooring from Dubai Furniture Company.


There are several affordable SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) flooring solutions available for home renovations that combine style, affordability, and durability. Because of its durability, water resistance, and ease of care, SPC flooring is a popular option for a variety of rooms in a house. 

Think about things like the wear layer thickness, the plank’s total thickness, and the locking mechanism for convenience of installation when selecting SPC flooring that fits your budget. You may also make an informed decision based on your unique needs and tastes by reading customer reviews and getting advice from flooring experts. You’re able to Shop SPC flooring online in Dubai also.

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