Vinyl Flooring in Dubai

Buy Top Quality Vinyl Flooring in Dubai

As the foundation of interior design, flooring plays a key role in determining the appearance, feel, and ambiance of any space. The Dubai Furniture Company offers a wide range of quality vinyl flooring in Dubai products from leading manufacturers at competitive prices, so you can get the floor of your dreams without exceeding your budget.  

Buy Vinyl Flooring Online In Dubai

As a leading global manufacturer, we are pleased to stock a wide selection of products. Among our vinyl flooring Online In Dubai selections are many of the most beautiful species of wood from environmentally friendly forests with abundant and renewable resources, including FSC and PEFC certified products.

We offer a wide selection of floor coverings, including engineered wood and parquet flooring. Besides laminate and luxury vinyl tiles, we also offer a large selection of contemporary carpet tiles, as well as laminate and luxury vinyl tile flooring collections.

Vinyl Flooring Dubai

Get Installation of Vinyl Flooring in Dubai

Dubai Furniture Company provides superior flooring installation services for both residential and commercial properties. The Dubai Furniture Company offers a combination of high-quality design, durability, and a long-term warranty at an affordable price. Four different layers of materials are present in vinyl flooring. Initial, or bottom, layer is the backing layer, which is typically cork or foam. This product serves as a foundation for vinyl flooring, eliminating the need to install a separate material before installing vinyl flooring. Moreover, it serves as a cushion to enhance the comfort of walking on the floor and as a sound barrier to reduce noise.

Vinyl Flooring Dubai

Types of Vinyl Flooring to Choose

The most popular types of vinyl flooring are planks, sheets, and peel-and-stick flooring.

You can purchase vinyl flooring in a variety of colors and designs, ranging from realistic wood-look embossed planks to ceramic-look tiles. The material is resistant to moisture and is durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear. In rooms that receive a great deal of foot traffic, it is an excellent choice.

  • A vinyl plank floor provides the richness, depth of texture, and look of real hardwood flooring without the high cost associated with it. 
  • There are many benefits to vinyl sheet flooring, including its ease of maintenance and suitability for large spaces. 
  • Among the best vinyl flooring options for small spaces, peel and stick vinyl tiles are removable and easy to install. As they have adhesive backing, they can be easily placed without the need for additional tools or materials.

Buy Vinyl Flooring Dubai For Commercial and Residential.

Noise Resistant Flooring | Vinyl Flooring Dubai

Noise may be a hassle in the contemporary dwelling environment wherein we stay in large homes and give up on privacy. Well you may really hold your privacy with the exceptional Vinyl flooring Dubai. While it incredibly reduces the noise degree coming from the outside there finishing the complete hassle, the extra insulation of our vinyl flooring to your area and doesn’t let any noises come in.


Dubai Furniture Company provides superior flooring installation services for both residential and commercial properties. Having been in business for years, PVC Vinyl Flooring Dubai has both a beautiful appearance and a long life expectancy. The only material that contributes to the beauty, durability, and comfort of your home at such a low cost is vinyl. Modern vinyl flooring features selections that are unique, fashionable, and closely resemble wood, tile, and stone due to technological advancements. There is a wide selection of realistic-appearing textures and a visually arresting depth to choose from. Providing a variety of styles and looks at an affordable price is one of our specialties. Please contact us as soon as possible!

Designer Vinyl Flooring

The Solution That You Have Dreamed, Our Services

Whether you are thinking of replacing your old curtains with fascinating and contemporary living room curtains or want to cover your floor with some dazzling floor carpets in Dubai and Window Blinds in Dubai. We get it all for you! Explore our Best Carpet shop Dubai & services as you are interested in. 


Choose our Wide Range of Vinyl Flooring

We provide doorstep installation services for all flooring needs at Dubai Furniture Company. As a flooring company, we provide high quality vinyl flooring, hardwood flooring, and other flooring solutions for any business or residential setting, including houses, offices, hotels, schools, restaurants, etc. We offer the following collections:

  1. Tiles made of vinyl
  2. Sheets of vinyl
  3. Floor coverings
  4. The skirting of the floor
  5. Orders that are personalized

Why Choose Us For Vinyl Flooring In Dubai?

Our vinyl flooring is stain-resistant, noise-resistant, as well as moisture resistant that gives you and your space an ample of fresh ardor. 

  • We provide convenience and satisfaction
  • Warehouse with versatile collection
  • Absolute delivery of orders 
  • We rely on transparency 
  • Perfect installation solution
  • And much more!

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Cast Your Impression With A Luxury Vinyl Flooring

We believe that design meets innovation, thus in such a context, we provide luxurious design for exceptional flooring innovation. Our Best Vinyl flooring services in Dubai gives you the wisdom of joy to select from a wide range of classic designed vinyl floors for your space. 

Water-resistant, scratch-resistant vinyl solution from us, we are a leading Vinyl flooring provider in Dubai offers long-lasting and luxury flooring for your home. 

Benefits Inviting Vinyl Flooring Solution

  • Comfortable underfoot
  • Subtle experience to space
  • Resistant to stains and spills
  • Waterproof, durable and long-lasting
  • Forget about annual floor treatment

Best Vinyl Flooring Supplier In Dubai

Dubai Furniture Company is the best Vinyl flooring manufacturer and supplier in Dubai that is famed for offering its luxurious designed Vinyl flooring solution to their customers. We are the top supplier of vinyl flooring in Dubai. For decades, we have experience in designing top-quality vinyls that gained immense popularity among Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the wider UAE. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide you cheap vinyl flooring to best fit in your budget. Explore our collections and feel the difference. Easy to install and easy to buy.

Look for a plank size that subtly suits your design and style and the décor of the room. 

We offer a wider range of and budget-friendly Vinyl Flooring with perfect installation solutions. Get the best vinyl flooring installation with 100% satisfaction. 

We provide free installation on certain qualities and types of vinyl flooring. We charge according to the length and quality.

vinyl flooring options for small spaces, peel and stick vinyl tiles are removable and easy to install. As they have adhesive backing, they can be easily placed without the need for additional tools or materials.

Vinyl flooring is completely waterproof. The PVC material of vinyl flooring makes it resistant to water.